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What is Trading Buddy?

Trading Buddy is a toolbox of the chartsect ( The different tools should support you in your trading. Among other things, you will find a position calculator and watchlists from the Chartsekte as a download.

What other tools are coming?

We still have a lot of things planned, you are also welcome to send us suggestions at any time in Discord under #feedback.

Status: Active
Trading Buddy

Trading Buddy is a toolbox of the chart sect. The trading tools like the position size calculator or forex calculator help you with your trading.

Status: Active
Position Size Calculator
Forex Tools

With the position size calculator you can calculate your position in pips, units and lots for Forex trading.

Status: Active
Profit Calculator
Strategy Tools

Is your strategy profitable? Use this tool to discover when your strategy is profitable with the parameters Hit Rate and Multiple R.

Status: Beta (Feedback welcome)
Quick Backtester
Strategy Tools

Quick backtest for your strategy: With the Quick Backtester you can validate your strategy in a short time.

Status: Active
TradingView Lists

Here you can find the most popular stock market indices as a watchlist download for Tradingview. Just download and import.